Kerala mixture is a complete blend of spicy nuts and chips which is an unconditional crush of every Indian. This crispy and crunchy mix from the south is very popular in India whereas millions of people from the north just love to have a bite. It’s tossed with secret spicy powder which makes them exceptional from other north Indian sev. Are you getting curious to know about the secret combination of this Kerala mixture? It’s nothing but a nice touch of some pure-hearted Kerala people. You can easily prepare this magic crunchy mix to make your loved ones happy. We are introducing the best Payyoli online mixture snack with the goodness of an authentic handy mix of Kerala. Let’s know more about the Payyoli mixture recipe!


  • 2 bowls of Gram flour/kadalamaavu
  • 2 bowls of Tapioca Powder
  • 2 TS of Sunflower oil/coconut oil
  • ½ cup of cashew nuts
  • ¼ cup of peanuts
  • Chili powder (recommended Kashmiri)
  • ¼ to ½ tablespoon of Kayam
  • Curry leaves
  • Salt (salt to taste)
  • Deep frying oil

Instruction to cook

Making the Payyoli mixture is quite simple! You can easily prepare this snack mixture with the above-mentioned ingredients. Here are the steps that you have to follow for making this item. Let’s have a look!

Take 2 bowls of Tapioca (know more about Tappioca) flour and gram flour/Besan and combine it with salt (as per your taste) and make a batter by gradually adding water. The batter of the snack mixture should be in a medium consistency without too thick or too thin to get a better result. Pour out/ knead it until it becomes soft and smooth.

NB: You can add the measure of each ingredient as per your needs, but it should be in the accurate ration

To Make sev: Take a deep-wide pan to heat oil for a while. Moderate heating is needed for making a snack mixture sev. The next step is to fry! Add this mix or Batter into a seva/ idiyappam maker. Then start pressing this blend in a circular motion and keep it in hot oil until it turns a golden color. When you make this sev always make sure to cook it very quickly. Take it out into a paper towel to remove Its excess oil content and let the mix cool.

Its frying Time: Fry curry leaves, cashew nuts, roasted gram dal, and peanuts separately and keep it on a paper towel for letting it unruffled.

Mixing : Now you just have to mix sev with all the fried ingredients and add a pour of salt, kayam, and chili powder for a taste( if required)

Now here is your favorite Payyoli mixture, serve it to your friends and family and enjoy your tea time even more pleasurable!

Wrapping up

So here we end up with the major ingredients and the preparation of the famous Kerala Payyoli mixture. Being the best Online mixture snack brand, we are using the finest ingredients for its preparation, for sure you will get addicted to it! If you find this article useful, then don’t forget to hit our comment section below to write your valuable opinions. Also, we love to hear your story and experience of having the Payyoli mixture. Here is the link to keep on reading more related interesting content.

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