Kerala mixture is an expansively prevalent snack, most frequently it is used up by south Indians especially Keralites. It is a mixture of plenty of items including peanuts, cashews, curry leaves, garlic etc… Most South Indians use refined coconut oil to prepare this item and this is one of the finest tea time snacks where 90% of South Indians love to have it. You can preserve this item for a long period, but do you know how? Let me be clear that there are numerous techniques to store mixture snacks. Here are some clever tips for storing Kerala mixture as a pro-organizer. Read the article to know more!!

  • Use door storage

If you are smart enough to organize your favorite South Kerala mixture (read on the article to know more about Kerala Mixture)snack in your home in a very diplomatic way, then you should never ignore this method. Customizing door storage racks within a sort of different-sized organizers, will help you to save your place and also preserve your snack fresh.

  • Shoe organizer

If you are looking for a less expensive alternative organization method, then this idea will apply to you. You can store Kerala mixture snacks separately in this air-tight plastic vertical storage system by maximizing your space.

  • Air-tight food storage containers

Storing mixture snacks in an opening bag without preventing its air, moisture and light can result in additional left-over mixtures. So, an airtight container bag is significant to avoid the possibility of letting it be soft and soggy.

  • Hang the leftover mixture bag using a clip

You can completely squash out the air from the cover and roll on the excess mixture snacks and lock it with a clip from the top. It can help you to retain the crispiness of the mixture by removing the air from containers.

  • Seal the mixture bag with a vacuum sealer

To maintain its freshness and crispiness it is better to avoid the resting of a mixture snack with moist content. A vacuum sealer will help you to preserve the food items for long days with consistent sealing fortified and double sealing strips.

  • OXO good grips pop container

OXO good grips pop container is one of the popular ways for storing mixture snacks inside its airtight lids. Get the air out of the container to maintain its taste, where it is best to deal for your tea time snack.

And here you are! Thank you for having a look at this list of storing ideas! The more you preserve the more you can sink your teeth into deliciousness. explore more to know different types of preservatives, there are huge varieties of items available in the market, keep on searching for the best! As the best online mixture snack company,(to know more about different types of Kerala mixture) we are here with you for the most effective storage techniques, and we use these in most cases. I hope this article has been beneficial for you. Take these tips to your heart and keep your snack without being stale. How do you store your snack?

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