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Payyoli Mixture is originated from a small village named ‘Payyoli’ in Kozhikkode, Kerala. PT Usha ( President, Indian Olympic Association, Member of Rajyasabha ) also Known as ‘Payyoli Express’ is born and brought up in Payyoli.


Our Healthy Promises

We offer better nutritional value in Payyoli mixtures with essential vitamins, minerals, and protein contents by providing instant satisfaction for your hunger.
It is made up just for you with the richness of gram flour, carom seeds, spices, nuts, curry leaves, garlic, coconut oil, and tapioca which is extremely best for your health and body. Our experts healthily satisfy your cravings with a strong commitment to their quality through in-depth research and testing programs.

We maintain a traditional and classic taste of Payyoli mixture by experimenting with diverse flavors, and colors and always love to deliver something interesting for you with our secret ingredients! Payyoli mixtures are the complete taste of bliss and bring you convenient home delivery and perfect packaging services with a motto of developing our customer satisfaction. We are all about the good stuff which makes your snack time even more pleasurable.


We are committed to branding you with the finest quality, advanced and affordable range of Payyoli mixtures that maintain the best nutritional value which fulfills your soul. We pursue inventing more qualitative ideas for extreme brand success and marketing stability. Our experts define constant improvements in all levels of efficiency and productivity to nourish the harmony of customer trust.


We strive to forecast more innovative marketing opportunities with better customer satisfaction with a dedicated competent workforce and extensive distribution networks. Our company possesses greater product quality and up-to-date technological development to keep the products in demand for a long term basis.


Janata Payyoli bakery was invented with the pure intention of a cluster of devoted individuals to provide a healthy crunchy snack to their customers. Our descendants are the real foundation of the Janatha Payyoli mixture, but later on, after their death, it became what it is today because of the dedication and hard work of their children. We implemented creative ideas and innovative technology development that shifted it into the popular Janata Payyoli mixtures among millions of people in India. During the last 50 years, Payyoli mixtures have achieved a consistent level of marketing standard with blessings from our heritage.