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At Payyoli mixtures, a group of professional individuals manufactures the finest quality of authentic Indian snacks to bring a unique snacking experience to customers. The magical hands of our experienced and skilled laborers satisfy your tummy with the goodness of secret skill passed down from generation to generation.

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History Of Payyoli Mixture

As we started our journey in early 1974, 49 years back, our ancestors joined hands together with a passion for producing the best ever crunchy snack, Payyoli mixtures. From lots of struggles in the beginning, with inadequate equipment and labor, now Payyoli mixtures have grown up to its next level and are confident to claim that we are the original Payyoli mixture brand uncompromising in its quality and customer trust with us.

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Payyoli Mixture is a traditional snack from Kerala, offering a unique blend of spicy nuts and chips.

The brand started its journey in 1974, bringing over 49 years of snack-making expertise.

It includes gram flour, carom seeds, spices, nuts, curry leaves, garlic, coconut oil, and tapioca.

It’s made by skilled laborers using secret skills passed down through generations, ensuring an authentic Indian snacking experience.

Yes, it incorporates ingredients known for their health benefits, aiming to offer a snack that’s not just tasty but also beneficial.

Yes, they offer online purchasing options through their website.

Free shipping is available for orders above Rs 500.

It’s manufactured in the city of Kozhikode, Kerala, adhering to traditional practices.

The website mentions secure payment methods for transactions, ensuring a safe purchasing process.

Yes, they cater to bulk orders, providing an option for larger purchases.

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