Do you ever think why Kerala mixtures have become a national crush on every occasion? This spicy snack with a crunchy taste goes well during your evening with a cup of black tea, that will really make you feel like heaven. Kerala mixtures are the blend of different natural flavors of fried lentils, garlic, peanuts, red chili powder, edible oil, etc. with the hand skills of Kerala. This mixture is a great snack for kids, adults, and elders alike on every occasion like wedding seasons, religious festivals, gatherings, and so on.

Kerala Mixture

Needless to say, there is no bite as easy as the Kerala mixture. This is the perfect munch that winches your taste buds full of hooking spicy flavors for every south Indian special occasion like Deepawali, Onam, Vishu, Eid, Christmas, and even for death gatherings as it is available in a very limited price range. Even if it is a South Indian mixture, this yummy and crunchy choice is typically accessible at every corner of India. Now level up, different varieties of Kerala mixtures with diverse flavors are available globally as it has a huge number of fans across India.

Why Kerala Mixture for all occasions

Many Indians and also foreigners love to treat their guests to this spicy-flavored Kerala mixture on every occasion as it gives them an authentic traditional taste. This is a special snack that mothers always prefer to give to their kids as a symbol of their love towards them. It is a complete mixture with the taste of Chivda, almonds, coconut slices, Boondi, Sev, cashew nuts, etc. making your favorite moments the most memorable ones.

Tangy flavor with spicy sprinkles of chat masala will be the favorite choice of your VIP. Adding Kerala mixtures with chana chaat, Bhel puri, masala puri, chat Papdi and many other spices is the best combination in certain areas as their superior occasional snack. Spicy lovers are addicted to adding the taste of this Kerala mixture to their festivals as it is available in every hook and corner of India. Varieties of mixture with adorned salty flavor are always the favorite of children or adults.

Do you ever think why it got this universal crush, it is only because of its delightful mix of flavor with the special combination of dry fruits and nuts.

Let’s wrap it!

We all know that Kerala mixtures are always number one because of its special spicy flavors. Nothing can replace this crunchy snack thus it is a perfect tea-time snack for lots. As per the records, many foreigners love to have this crunchy traditional Indian snack. Now Kerala mixture is the favorite crispy snack of Indians as it is assembled with a variety of ingredients that gets much addiction by all age groups. So, I hope this article helps you to know more about the Kerala mixture. If you enjoyed reading follow us for more related content. We are here with a special spicy Payyoli mixture online! Leave a comment to know more about your taste!