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Indian Special mixture with spicy dried ingredients is always an all-time favorite for all. A variety of mixtures are now available in the markets that are particularly known in different names and shapes. It’s better to sense the taste of this mix to get a nutritious snacking experience with plenty of flavors. Are you excited to know what all are types of Indian mixtures, come let’s have a look! 

Payyoli Mixture

Over decades, Payyoli mixtures develop an ultimate impression among a group of Indians. It has been processing new standards of flavors every year as its demand increases with time. Payyoli mixture results from the hard work of passionate laborers enthusiastic about delivering the finest one for you. This crunchy and crispy taste of Payyoli mix makes your day more active and cheerful. Among them, Janatha Payyoli mixture has established a unique brand imprint with tons of calories.

Hyderabad Mix

It’s a seamless combination of crispy green peas with Sev and Boondi which is highly popular in the region of Guntur Andhra Pradesh. But still, the Hyderabad mix has equal recognition all over India because of its renewed taste and flavors. Special hill-grown garlic makes it more special and filled for you.

Rajasthani Navratan

Rajasthani Navratan is a kind of traditional mixture blended with various luxurious ingredients that gives you an authentic taste of flavors and Aroma. It’s a 100% guaranteed product, ensures an authentic crispy taste, and improves the digestive system as well as maintains your overall body health. Rajasthani Navratan is quite available in every nook and corner of India, where there is a huge fan of it out there!

South Indian Mixture

South Indian mixture snack has a national crush because it is rich in nutrients and fiber that always brings you a healthy treat. The mixture consists of 100% non-chemicals ingredients with the original taste and flavor of Namkeen. It deeply satisfies your soul with authentic crunchy feelings. Unlike other mixtures, this has gained huge public attention as it demands flaws from year to year.

Andhra Mixture

Andhra mixture is the complete blend of high-quality secret ingredients that are passed over from generation to generation. It gives you an authentic and traditional taste of mixture as it is prepared with handmade flavors, refined oil, and high-quality spices. Rice flour, chickpea flour, peanut, chili powder salt, curry leaves, cumin roasted chickpeas and refined peanut oil, etc. make it more delicious.

Roasted Multigrain Mixture

Roasted Multigrain mixture is the finest source of all vitamins and proteins which is essential to reinforce your mind and body. It contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which makes you strong from the inside. This mix is the fusion of soybean, wheat, grams, corn, and millet which is highly important to nourish your health. It is the crunchiest and most powerful nutritional snack with tons of benefits.

Tapioca Chips

Tapioca chips are rich in carbohydrates that are one of the best choices for your diet plans. This is highly beneficial as it brings the goodness of the crunchy taste of Tapioca. It’s a better choice to take a snack break with tapioca chips in the morning or evening.

Masala Mixture

As the name suggests, masala mixture is a combination of 100% vegetarian, hygienic, and traditional components. This super crunchy deep-fried salty snack is an exceptional choice for your twilight snack time.

Cornflakes Mixture

Corn flakes are an all-time favorite for both kids and adults as it is making an exciting specialty for any of your mealtimes in a day. It has the competence to switch back your mood swings and stretch you at a cholesterol-free snack time. Nourish this tasty and healthy cereal by delighting in the real taste of heaven.

Moori Mixture

Moori mixture is a typical kind of street crispy snack, especially handmade for relishing your fun time. This item is copiously manufactured from the goodness of rice grains which is highly harmless and safe for health. It is the best choice for the person who is suffering from hypertension issues or any other diseases. Here you can have fresh items with no preservatives or artificial flavors.

Well, here is the wrap. Now hope you understand the different phases of mixtures. Comment down your favorite from the list

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